A desktop interface for your web browser.

Manage, filter, share, and organize your online data in a familiar environment.

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OS desktop interface with windows opened

Sava OS is your online home.

As we gradually shift towards a cloud-based digital world, we’ll need a safe place that offers tranquillity and control.

We’re building a personal universal operating system to unify all your data and services, and make them accessible on any connected device.

The journey starts here.

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Privacy by default

Your privacy always comes first — no matter the case. We went the extra mile to not only ensure all your data is always encrypted, but all accounts on Sava OS are completely anonymized. Learn more in our privacy page.

Manage links &
browser tabs.

Links and tabs are everywhere. In Sava OS they are part of the file system. This gives you a unique way to manage your online experience. You can swap browsing sessions, tag links, organize them in desks and folders, or control everything from the library.

Get an overview of everything you have in Sava OS, with quick access to your recents, favorites, tagged items, all shares, sessions and more.

Library image

Share folders or
entire desks.

Any desk or folder can currently be shared with up to five members. This allows for real-time collaboration and shared access to all data within them. Publicly available links will be released in the coming weeks.

Shared member accounts are also anonymized — preventing us from knowing who collaborates with whom.

Sharing image
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coming soon

Personal feeds &
cloud storage.

The next major features on our roadmap will enable unique management of cloud storage services like Dropbox, while personal feeds will allow you to filter web content and access it directly in Sava OS.

Own back your data & software.

We have accepted online services & monthly fees as the norm, but this sucks. We don’t own anything — not even our data!

The advantages of cloud-based services should not be limited by hefty monthly price tags or compromised data integrity.

There’s a better way forward.

Join us as we shape the future of personal computing

Get to know us.

Come hang out with us on discord to chat about the future. You can also follow us on X/Twitter and Facebook, subscribe to stay updated, or send us an email.

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